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Mods: Format toolbar in Download Editor available

BBcodes menu and WYSIWYG for Admins when creating a download

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Some e107 users have been wondering why the formatting toolbar in the Admin section is available for almost all core plugins (news, comments, forum... just to name a few) while it is missing in the downloads editor.
Someome could think that Developers have neglected this setting, while it could be very useful to site admins, especially those who make a wide use of downloads in their websites.
Though just a few lines of code would be enough to an ultimate release!
Maybe it will be included in the next version 0.8... although at the moment it seems not yet.

Since a user submitted the question, asking for an integration in his own site, we have addressed the problem, looking for a pretty good solution.
We finally achieved it, as you can see in the following image:

barra formattazione editor di download
The formatting toolbar is displayed both with BBcodes and WYSIWYG
(Click to enlarge)

As a result, according to the Editor selected, the toolbar is displayed either in 'standard' mode (BBcodes) or 'WYSIWYG' editor.

This is achieved thanks to a small 'hack', since the 'mods' necessarily affect 'core' files - even though it is usually deprecated - but there it is: you cannot do otherwise.
When 0.8 will be finally released and Download will become an e107 plugin, we may think in a different way.

The mods are not very 'heavy' but truly effective. Therefore, waiting for a 'stable' release, we invite all e107 users who want to test the script, to contact us.
The hack with included instructions is freely available.

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